West Yellowstone attractions

Top Choice Animal Sanctuary in West Yellowstone

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

This nonprofit organization offers an alternative for ‘pest’ grizzlies facing extermination and captive-born wolves that can't survive in the wild. Here they are used for education and product testing (check out the…
Historic Site in West Yellowstone

Oregon Short Line Railway Car

This wonderfully preserved 1903 Pullman car, once used by railroad executives, perfectly sums up the golden age of Western travel. Decked out in velvet, gas lamps and even stained glass, it sits beside the Branch re…
Museum in West Yellowstone

Yellowstone Historic Center

Housed in the 1909 Union Pacific depot, this small museum explores early stagecoach and rail travel. Look for the highly unstable-looking early snowmobile with a propeller and three skis parked outside. It closes ea…
Historic Building in West Yellowstone

Eagle’s Store

Grab an old-fashioned soda at the antique 1910 fountain while stocking up on a motley collection of fishing supplies and cowboy hats at this century-old stalwart.