Top things to do

Top Choice American in Terlingua & Study Butte

Starlight Theatre

You'd think a ghost town would be dead at night (pardon the pun), but the Starlight Theater keeps things lively. This former movie theater fell into roofless disrepair (thus the 'starlight') before being converted i…
Park in West of Big Bend National Park

Big Bend Ranch State Park

At 433 sq miles, this massive state park is more than 11 times larger than Texas’ next biggest state park (Franklin Mountains in El Paso). Taking up almost all the desert between Lajitas and Presidio, Big Bend Ranch…
Visitor Center in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Barton Warnock Visitor Center

If you stop at only one Chihuahuan Desert exhibit in Big Bend country, make it this one, at the eastern entrance of Big Bend Ranch State Park, 1 mile east of Lajitas on FM 170. This education center is staffed by so…
Barbecue in Terlingua & Study Butte

La Kiva Restaurant & Bar

Talk about your underground restaurants. This quirky place specializing in barbecue and grilled meat is literally right underground – just look at those rock walls. There's frequent live music, and happy hour is fro…
Food & Drink in Terlingua & Study Butte

Original Terlingua International Frank X Tolbert-Wick Fowler Championship Chili Cookoff

This event, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, is one of two separate chili-making contests in the annual Terlingua Chili Cookoff. It's less competitive than its counterpart and is more like a big, spicy…
Barbecue in Terlingua & Study Butte

DB's Rustic Iron BBQ

You might get a helping of pit-master poetry from personable owner Don 'DB' Baucham if business is slow and you're from out of town. Poetry or not, if you're hankering for some fine smoked brisket or sausage, pull o…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Terlingua & Study Butte

Terlingua Trading Co

This store in Terlingua ghost town has great gifts, from hot sauces and wines to an impressive selection of books. Pick up a brochure on the walking tour of historic Terlingua, or buy a beer inside the store and han…
Food & Drink in Terlingua & Study Butte

International Chili Championship

The Chili Appreciation Society International throws this 3-day chili-making contest in November. It is one of two-chili-making contests during the Terlingua Chili Cookoff in early November.
Visitor Center in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Fort Leaton State Historic Site

This restored adobe fortress doubles as the western entrance and visitor center for Big Bend Ranch State Park, 4 miles southeast of Presidio. Look for exhibits about history and archaeology on-site. You can get back…
Cafe in Terlingua & Study Butte

Espresso…Y Poco Mas

We love this friendly little walk-up counter at La Posada Milagro, where you can find pastries, breakfast burritos, lunches and what might just be the best iced coffee in all of west Texas.