Top things to do in West End

Top Choice Beach in West End Beaches

Papohaku Beach

Straight as a palm tree, the light-hued sands of Papohaku Beach run for an astounding 2.5 miles. The sand is soft and you can often stroll from one end to the other without seeing another soul. Offshore, Third Hole …
Top Choice Beach in Kaluakoi Resort Area

Kawakiu Beach

Kaluakoi's northernmost beach is also the best. Kawakiu Beach is a broad crescent beach of white sand and bright-turquoise waters. It's partially sheltered from the winds that can bedevil the beaches to the south an…
Top Choice Beach in Kaluakoi Resort Area

Kepuhi Beach

You can see why they built the defunct Kaluakoi Hotel here: the beach is a rocky, white-sand dream. However, swimming here can be a nightmare. Not only can there be a tough shorebreak, but strong currents are often …
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Maunaloa

Big Wind Kite Factory & Plantation Gallery

Big Wind custom-makes kites for high fliers of all ages. It has hundreds ready to go in stock or you can choose a design and watch production begin. Lessons are available, lest you have a Charlie Brown experience wi…
Beach in West End Beaches

Dixie Maru Beach

South of the long stretch of Papohaku Beach, there are small sandy coves surrounded by rocky outcrops. At the southern end of Pohakuloa Rd there's a parking lot with access to a narrow, round inlet, which the ancien…
Viewpoint in Kaluakoi Resort Area

Puʻu o Kaiaka

A five-minute hike up to the top of Pu'u o Kaiaka, a 110ft-high promontory at the southern end of Kepuhi Beach, rewards strollers with a nice view of Papohaku Beach. At the top, you'll find the remains of a pulley t…
Beach in West End Beaches

Papohaku Beach Park

A grassy place with picnic facilities under gnarled ironwood and kiawe trees. The bathroom and shower facilities are rugged.
Beach in Kaluakoi Resort Area

Make Horse Beach

Make Horse Beach supposedly takes its name from days past when wild horses were run off the tall, dark cliff on its northern end; make (mah-kay) means 'dead.' This pretty, tiny white-sand cove is a local favorite an…
Market in Maunaloa

Maunaloa General Store

The Maunaloa General Store provides the village with basics. It has a limited selection of pricey groceries and alcohol.