Retro Revival

For an evening of nostalgia, park at Wellfleet Drive-In, one of a dwindling number of drive-in theaters surviving in the USA. Built in the 1950s, before the word 'cineplex' became part of the vernacular, everything except the movie being shown on the giant screen is true to the era. Yep, they still have those original mono speakers that you hook over the car window, there's an old-fashioned snack bar and, of course, it's always a double feature. In keeping with the retro theme, all ticket sales are cash only (although credit cards are accepted at the snack bar).

OK, there are a few accommodations to modern times. So as to not block anyone's view, the lot is now divided into two sections: one for SUVs, the other for cars. And you don't need to use those boxy window speakers: you can also listen by tuning your stereo car radio to an FM station. But other things remain unchanged – bring bug spray and a blanket!

Another time-honored throwback is Wellfleet Flea Market, held in summer at the drive-in. This is the largest flea market on the Cape, with 200 dealers selling everything from antiques to newly made objects, and from treasures to junk. Most vendors take cash only.