Top Choice Books in U District

University Book Store

University Book Store is a vast all-purpose book emporium founded in 1900, making it Seattle's oldest. Its huge catalog of tomes is a browser's dream, and helpful staff, a regular program of events and a cozy cafe m…
Top Choice Books in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Elliott Bay Book Company

Seattle's most beloved bookstore offers over 150,000 titles in a large, airy, wood-beamed space with cozy nooks that can inspire hours of serendipitous browsing. Bibliophiles will be further satisfied with regular b…
Books in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Ada's Technical Books & Cafe

Bookstores dead? Not if Ada’s is anything to go by. Indeed this place – a hugely inviting bookshop-cafe combo that opened in 2013 – might just prove that online book sales have peaked and the joy of browsing and lin…
Books in Georgetown & West Seattle

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery

Founded in the 1970s on the East Coast, this cool alt-comic and graphic-book publisher moved to Seattle in the late '80s and opened this one-of-a-kind bookstore-gallery in 2006. Stocked with quirky books, comics and…
Books in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Queen Anne Book Company

This charming little nook is everything a neighborhood bookstore should be with frequent poetry readings and book signings. The adjoining El Diablo coffee shop has a lovely little patio where you can sip a coffee an…
Books in Downtown, Pike Place & Waterfront

Read All About It

Who said magazines are dead? You can read all about it at this Pike Place Market newsstand peddling Jazz Times, Surfer Journal, Cigar Aficionado, Spanish tattoo mags, Italian gossip tabloids, Russian comics and the …
Books in Pioneer Square, International District & SoDo

Globe Bookstore

This small but comfortably cramped shop is an erudite emporium of new and secondhand books, not all of which make it on to the shelves. Thumbing through its piles and racks is so much more serendipitous than an onli…
Books in U District

Magus Books

Magus is a great used-book store, the kind of place where you can literally spend hours getting lost in the crooked, narrow aisles on the hunt for that obscure out-of-print title you’re not sure you can even remembe…
Books in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Twice Sold Tales

Twice Sold Tales is a cozy den full of very-well-priced used books, stacked haphazardly along narrow aisles. A book ‘happy hour’ discount kicks in after 6pm. A bunch of aloof cats roam the shop, actively ignoring ev…
Books in Downtown, Pike Place & Waterfront

Barnes & Noble

Since the demise of Borders in 2011 and the relocation of Elliott Bay Books to Capitol Hill, Barnes & Noble remains downtown's main book emporium, with generous opening hours and helpful, well-read staff.