Top Choice Italian in Belltown & Seattle Center


Owned by top Seattle chef Ethan Stowell,Tavolàta is a dinner-only Italian-inspired eatery emphasizing homemade pasta dishes. Keeping things simple with venison-stuffed ravioli and linguine nero (clams with black pas…
Top Choice Italian in Chelan & Around

Sorrento's Ristorante

Dine at upscale, delicious and romantic Sorrento's Ristorante, the finest restaurant in the region in a sublime winery setting. Take your time and order Italian style with several courses and paired red.
Italian in Belltown & Seattle Center

Barolo Ristorante

An upscale Italian place named after one of Italy’s finest vinos, Barolo provides a good excuse to taste the deep, powerful ‘king of wines’ or – if your budget won’t stretch that far – a supporting cast of half a do…
Italian in Queen Anne & Lake Union

How to Cook a Wolf

Despite its scary name, the Ethan Stowell–run HTCAW has nothing to do with roasting wild fauna over your campfire. Rather the name is poached from a book written by MFK Fisher during wartime rationing about how to m…
Italian in Pioneer Square, International District & SoDo

Il Corvo Pasta

A unique hole-in-the-wall, pasta-only place with limited seating and a high turnover of office workers on their lunch breaks. Join the perennial queue, order one of three daily pastas with sauces and grab a seat (if…
Italian in The CD, Madrona & Madison Park


Sometimes it feels as if Seattle has got as many upscale Italian restaurants as Turin, all of them peddling the same modern Italian American staples: handmade pasta, one-page menus and heavily plugged local greens t…
Italian in Downtown, Pike Place & Waterfront

LoPriore Bros. Pasta Bar

Often hidden behind a queue for the riotously popular Pike Place Chowder, this theatrical sales counter is manned by a couple of wise-cracking Italian Americans who wouldn’t look out of place in an early-career Scor…
Italian in Port Angeles

Bella Italia

Bella Italia has been around a lot longer than Bella, the heroine of the Twilight saga, but its mention in the book as the place where Bella and Edward go for their first date has turned what was already a popular r…
Italian in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Cascina Spinasse

Successfully re-creating the feel of an Italian trattoria, Spinasse specializes in cuisine of the Piedmont region of northern Italy. This means dishes like agnolotti (veal-stuffed pasta pockets) in beef broth, veal …
Italian in Queen Anne & Lake Union


This lovely neighborhood Italian restaurant in Eastlake specializes in regional Tuscan-style cooking, with simply prepared meat and fish, as well as pastas that can be ordered as a first or main course. A gorgeous l…