Airport in Washington, DC

Dulles International Airport

Located 26 miles west of DC, in Virginia. It's DC's larger airport, and handles most international flights. The Metro does not go to Dulles (though it will by 2020), so Metrobus 5A and the Washington Flyer Silver Li…
Airport in Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Reagan National Airport is 4.5 miles south of downtown, across the river in Arlington, VA. It is easily accessible by Metro (Blue or Yellow Line), which is a cheap and easy way to get into DC. It has free wi-fi, sev…
Boat in Georgetown

Georgetown Dock

Water taxis glide to and from the Wharf in Southwest DC, with onward links to Alexandria, VA and National Harbor, MD. Sightseeing boats also use the dock for cruises between Georgetown, Alexandria and Mount Vernon.
Boat in Capitol Hill & South DC

Wharf Transit Pier

Water taxis glide to Georgetown and Alexandria, VA (where you can transfer to another water taxi to reach National Harbor, MD). One-way fares start at adult/child $12/8.40; it’s a 25-minute ride.
Bus in Capitol Hill & South DC


Offers the most trips to NYC (around 15 to 20 per day), as well as other east-coast cities; arrives at/departs from Union Station. Buses run behind schedule fairly often.
Bus in Capitol Hill & South DC


Buses go to NYC multiple times each day, and to other east-coast cities. Lateness and spotty wi-fi can be issues. It uses Union Station as its terminal.
Bus in Dupont Circle & Kalorama


Has several buses to/from NYC daily. The main bus stop is by Dupont Circle; there's another at Union Station.
Bus in Dupont Circle & Kalorama

Washington Deluxe

Good express service to/from NYC. It has stops at both Dupont Circle and Union Station.
Bus in Capitol Hill & South DC

Peter Pan Bus Lines

Travels throughout the northeastern US; has its terminal at Union Station.
Bus in Capitol Hill & South DC


Provides nationwide service. The terminal is at Union Station.