Top things to do

Top Choice Landmark in Capitol Hill & South DC

US Capitol

Since 1800, this is where the legislative branch of American government – ie Congress – has met to write the country's laws. The lower House of Representatives (435 members) and upper Senate (100) meet respectively …
Top Choice Museum in Capitol Hill & South DC

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

For a deep understanding of the Holocaust – its victims, perpetrators and bystanders – this harrowing museum is a must-see. The main exhibit gives visitors the identity card of a single Holocaust victim, whose story…
Top Choice Library in Capitol Hill & South DC

Library of Congress

The world's largest library – with 164 million books, manuscripts, maps, photos, films and other items – awes in both scope and design. The centerpiece is the 1897 Jefferson Building. Gawk at the Great Hall, done up…
Top Choice Stadium in Capitol Hill & South DC

Nationals Park

The major-league Washington Nationals play baseball at this spiffy stadium beside the Anacostia River. Don't miss the mid-fourth-inning ‘Racing Presidents’ – an odd foot race between giant-headed caricatures of Geor…
Top Choice American in Capitol Hill & South DC

Rose's Luxury

Michelin-starred Rose's is one of DC's most buzzed-about eateries. Crowds fork into worldly Southern comfort food as twinkling lights glow overhead and candles flicker around the industrial, half-finished room. Rose…
Top Choice Books in Capitol Hill & South DC

Capitol Hill Books

A trove of secondhand awesomeness, this shop has so many books staff have to double-stack them on the shelves. Superb notes by the cantankerous clerks help guide your selection. Categories are, er, unconventional, i…
Top Choice Balkan in Capitol Hill & South DC


Ambar buzzes, especially at happy hour, when the convivial, European-style restaurant slings heaps of small plates. Roasted pepper and eggplant, smoked trout and pickled peppers, braised cabbage, lamb salami, brandy…
Top Choice Asian in Capitol Hill & South DC


ChiKo stands for Chinese and Korean, and it fuses the cuisine with low-key style. Dishes such as pork and kimchi potstickers and chilled acorn noodles wow the foodie masses: it's high-brow fare at a budget price. Th…
Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Capitol Hill & South DC

Copycat Co

When you walk into Copycat it feels like a Chinese fast-food restaurant. That's because it is (sort of) on the 1st floor, where Chinese street-food nibbles are available. The fizzy drinks and egg-white-topped cockta…
Top Choice Beer in Capitol Hill & South DC


Beloved by beer geeks, this outdoor fest held next to Nationals Park features a terrific selection of 400 brews (some quite rare), dance punk bands and food trucks. Held on a Saturday in mid- to late September.