One of the icons of Capitol Hill, this roofed bazaar sprawls with delectable chow and good cheer, especially on the weekends. Built in 1873, it is the last of the 19th-century covered markets that once supplied DC’s food. The South Hall has bakery, dairy, fishmonger, butcher, flower vendors, and fruit and vegetable sellers.

The Market Lunch stall sells prepared foods and is a crowd favorite for its oyster sandwiches and blueberry buckwheat pancakes.

Come the weekend, the market almost triples in size. Artisans and farmers bring their wares and set up outside. Besides fresh apples, peppers, eggplants and other produce, you can pick up handmade soaps, colorful pottery, painted ceramics and unusual jewelry. A flea market also joins the fun, setting up across in the Hines schoolyard, adding antiques, clothing and global goods to the browsing acreage.