Downtown & Penn Quarter shopping

Shopping Center in Downtown & Penn Quarter


Rodeo Drive chic may not be the first way you’d think of describing Washington, but this sparkling, open-air oasis of shops and restaurants blows that notion straight out of the water. Style mavens peruse high-end b…
Food & Drinks in Downtown & Penn Quarter

Teaism Shop

Next to the inviting cafe of the same name, Teaism sells dozens of loose-leaf teas, from smoky Lapsang souchong to organic jasmine, and rich green teas – all concealed in artful boxes behind the counter. You can als…
Clothing in Downtown & Penn Quarter

Coup de Foudre

Shoppers love Coup de Foudre for its impeccable customer service and slew of European lingerie brands. The merchandise at this little boutique makes Victoria’s Secret look gauche. The mom and daughter owners have a …