Museum in Downtown & Penn Quarter

This six-story, highly interactive news museum is worth the admission price. You can delve into major events (the fall of the Berlin Wall, September 11, Hurricane Katrina), and spend hours watching moving film footage and perusing Pulitzer Prize–winning photographs. If nothing else, stroll up to the museum's entrance, where the front pages of newspapers from around the world – and every US state – are displayed. Tickets are usable for two consecutive days, so you can always return.

Start at the top level (Level 6), with its awesome terrace views of Pennsylvania Ave up to the Capitol, and work your way down. Level 4 has twisted wreckage from the September 11 attacks and haunting final images from Bill Biggart’s camera (Biggart was the only journalist to be killed that day). Level 3 holds a memorial to journalists killed in pursuit of the truth. Level 2 has video stations where kids (and adults) read news stories from a teleprompter and 'report' the news in front of a DC backdrop. The concourse level displays FBI artifacts from prominent news stories, such as the Unabomber’s cabin and gangster Whitey Bulger's fishing hat.

The Newseum has announced the sale of its building and its location after 2019 is uncertain. Check the website for updates.