Top Choice Architecture in Dupont Circle & Kalorama

Embassy Row

Want to take a trip around the world? Stroll northwest along Massachusetts Ave from Dupont Circle (the actual traffic circle) and you pass more than 40 embassies housed in mansions that range from elegant to imposin…
Architecture in Dupont Circle & Kalorama

Scottish Rite Temple

The regional headquarters of the Scottish Rite Freemasons, also known as the House of the Temple, is one of the most eye-catching buildings in the District. That’s because it looks like a magic temple lifted out of …
Notable Building in White House Area & Foggy Bottom

Watergate Complex

Designed by Italian architect Luigi Moretti and DC-based landscape architect Boris Timchenko and constructed between 1963 and 1971, this five-building curvilinear riverfront complex encompasses apartments, fountains…
Notable Building in Capitol Hill & South DC

Marine Barracks

The ‘Eighth and Eye Marines’ are on largely ceremonial duty at the nation’s oldest Marine Corps post. Most famously, this is the home barracks of the Marine Corps Band, once headed by John Philip Sousa, king of the …
Notable Building in White House Area & Foggy Bottom

National Academy of Sciences

Made up of approximately 2000 members, including almost 200 Nobel Prize winners, these are the folks the government hits up for scientific advice (whether the government listens to them or not is, as you may have gu…
Notable Building in White House Area & Foggy Bottom

State Department

The headquarters of the American diplomatic corps is a forbidding, well-guarded edifice – modernist, monolithic and unfriendly. In stark contrast are the elegant grand diplomatic reception rooms, where Cabinet membe…
Notable Building in Capitol Hill & South DC

National Public Radio

Fans of Morning Edition and All Things Considered can see where the magic happens at National Public Radio's ecofriendly headquarters. Hour-long tours peek into the newsroom and a high-tech production studio. The gu…
Architecture in Georgetown

Healy Hall

Near the Georgetown University campus' east gate, medieval-looking Healy Hall impresses with its tall, Hogwarts-esque clock tower.
Notable Building in Dupont Circle & Kalorama

Mansion on O Street

This 100-room 1892 mansion is part inn, part gallery, part cluttered antique shop and part private event space. The decor is like a wedding at Castle Dracula: swags of velvet drapery, ornate chandeliers, candelabras…
Notable Building in Logan Circle, U Street & Columbia Heights

McMillan Reservoir Sand Filtration Plant

On Michigan Ave and North Capitol St you’ll notice a string of cylindrical concrete structures that look like the entrance to the Kingdom of the Mole People sticking out of a grassy field. This is the McMillan Reser…