Top things to do in Washington Cascades

Top Choice Area in Nisqually Entrance


Aside from hiding numerous trailheads and being the starting point for most summit hikes, Paradise guards the iconic Paradise Inn (built in 1916) and the massive, informative Henry M Jackson Visitor Center, which ho…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Upper Skagit River Valley

Upper Skagit Bald Eagle Area

The Bald Eagle area is essentially the 10-mile stretch of the Skagit River between Rockport and Marblemount. After salmon spawn, their spent carcasses become meals for the more than 600 eagles that winter here. Janu…
Top Choice Cafe in Stehekin

Stehekin Pastry Company

In a large city this improbable coffee and pastry shop would do a roaring trade. Out in the middle of a wilderness area it appears like a mirage and is guaranteed to give fresh ardor to even the most challenging of …
Top Choice American in Mt Adams

Trout Lake Country Inn

It calls itself a true honky tonk and that's exactly what this Wild West, bluegrass band–playing, creaky wood floor–stomping, roast-chicken-with-a-side-of-pataters restaurant is. It's rare to find this much fun and …
Top Choice American in Nisqually Entrance

Copper Creek Inn

Forget the historic inns. This is one of the state's great rural restaurants, and breakfast is an absolute must if you're heading off for a lengthy hike inside the park. Situated just outside the Nisqually entrance,…
Top Choice Bakery in Twisp

Cinnamon Twisp

Folks from all around the valley drive however far they have to for this homey place's fresh-baked breads, terrific sandwiches, smoothies, coffee and pastries, including the signature 'cinnamon twisp,' an uber cinna…
Top Choice Italian in Chelan & Around

Sorrento's Ristorante

Dine at upscale, delicious and romantic Sorrento's Ristorante, the finest restaurant in the region in a sublime winery setting. Take your time and order Italian style with several courses and paired red.
Lake in North Cascades National Park

Diablo Lake

Just below Ross Lake, Diablo Lake is held back by the similarly huge 389ft Diablo Dam. A pullout off Hwy 20 known as the Diablo Dam Overlook provides incredible views of the turquoise-green lake framed by glacier-ca…
Cave in Mt St Helens

Ape Cave

Ape Cave is a 2-mile-long lava tube formed 2000 years ago by a lava flow that followed a deep watercourse. It's the longest lava tube in the western hemisphere. Hikers can walk and scramble on either the 0.8-mile Lo…
National Park in Mt Rainier National Park Area

Mt Rainier National Park

The USA's fourth-highest peak (outside Alaska), majestic Mt Rainier is also one of the country's most beguiling mountains. Part of a 368-sq-mile national park (the US' fifth national park when it was inaugurated in …