If hiking to Waipi‘o Beach is too civilized for you, take it up a notch with this trail. From the beach, cross the stream (only if safe) to the far western end. This trail goes inland for about 45 minutes to Nanaue Falls, a stepped series of three pools, which are a popular swimming hole for residents. Be respectful of locals and farmers: stick to the trail and don't litter.

The trail parallels the valley walls and passes through a natural botanic garden. You’ll encounter coffee plants, lilikoʻi (passion fruit), massive monkeypods, papaya, elephant ear, avocado and lots more, making you realize what a cornucopia the valley really is. You’ll also come across small groups of friendly wild horses, the descendants of domesticated animals left behind after the tsunami.

About 30 minutes in, the trail will end in a 'T'; go right and continue along a fence farther into the valley. Ten minutes later, you'll reach a gate, which you can go through because the trail is public. Several minutes later you'll see the falls. This is the end of the public trail, so take a dip and head back.