Top Choice Burgers in Waimea (Kamuela)

Village Burger

Burger connoisseurs, prepare to be impressed. Big Island beef, veal and lamb burgers are juicy and tender, while vegetarian options (Waipiʻo Valley taro or Hamakua mushroom) are equally scrumptious. All major ingred…
Top Choice Diner in Waimea (Kamuela)

Hawaiian Style Cafe

Think you can eat a lot? If the portions at this local favorite greasy spoon don't satisfy you, we nod our heads in awe (and maybe a little in disgust). Expect enormous portions of loco moco (rice, fried egg and ham…
Barbecue in Waimea (Kamuela)

Fish and the Hog Market Cafe

Barbecue isn't the first food genre folks tend to associate with Hawaii, but this is an island that loves smoked meat. This sit-down restaurant serves ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and other kiawe-smoked meats wit…