Top things to do in Waimea Canyon & the Westside

Top Choice Beach in Hanapepe

Salt Pond Beach Park

Named for its saltwater flats, where seawater is still drained and harvested for reddish-pink sodium crystals, this crescent-shaped beach is great for lounging. With a shallow (but not too shallow) swimming area acc…
Top Choice Farm in Waimea Canyon & the Westside

Kauai Coffee Company

A short drive east of town on Hwy 540, the island's biggest coffee estate is planted with more than 4 million trees, producing about 60% of the state's entire crop. Around the back of the plantation store and visito…
Top Choice Art in Hanapepe

Art Night

On any given Friday night, Hanapepe comes to life and gives everyone an extended peek into its art world. Galleries stay open later and the town's main drag is transformed by musicians and street vendors. Visitors a…
Top Choice Park in Waimea Canyon & the Westside

Waimea Canyon State Park

Of all Kauaʻi’s unique wonders, none can touch Waimea Canyon for grandeur. Few would expect to find a gargantuan chasm of ancient lava rock, 10 miles long and over 3500ft deep. It's so spectacular that it has been p…
Top Choice Museum in Waimea

West Kauaʻi Technology & Visitor Center

Orient yourself historically to the Westside with modest exhibits on Hawaiian culture, Captain Cook, sugar plantations and the US military. The gift shop sells locally made artisan crafts, including rare Niʻihau she…
Top Choice Supermarket in Waimea

Ishihara Market

It’s an ad-hoc lesson in local cuisine shopping at this historic market (c 1934) with deli. Trusty take-out meals (get here before the lunch rush) include sushi, spicy ahi poke and smoked marlin. Daily specials and …
Top Choice Hawaiian in Hanapepe

Taro Ko Chips Factory

Thinly sliced kalo (taro) that’s been seasoned with garlic salt, slathered with oil and tortured in a deep wok makes for some crispy, slightly sweet but mostly salty crunching. The farmer who grows the taro is also …
Top Choice Dance in Kokeʻe State Park

Eo e Emalani I Alakaʻi

A one-day outdoor dance festival at the Kokeʻe Museum in early October, commemorating Queen Emma’s 1871 journey to Alakaʻi Swamp. The festival includes a royal procession, hula dancing, live music and more.
Top Choice Cultural in Waimea

Waimea Town Celebration

Free fun includes a paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) rodeo; storytelling; canoe, SUP and surf-skiing races; local food vendors; carnival games; an arts-and-crafts fair; and lei-making and ukulele-playing contests.
State Park in Waimea Canyon & the Westside

Polihale State Park

For ancient Hawaiians, Polihale represented the jumping-off point for souls leaving for the underworld. And a journey here along a rutted 4.8-mile dirt road takes you to the edge of eternity. The wide virgin beach c…