Waimea Canyon & the Westside restaurants

Top Choice Supermarket in Waimea

Ishihara Market

It’s an ad-hoc lesson in local cuisine shopping at this historic market (c 1934) with deli. Trusty take-out meals (get here before the lunch rush) include sushi, spicy ahi poke and smoked marlin. Daily specials and …
Top Choice Hawaiian in Hanapepe

Taro Ko Chips Factory

Thinly sliced kalo (taro) that’s been seasoned with garlic salt, slathered with oil and tortured in a deep wok makes for some crispy, slightly sweet but mostly salty crunching. The farmer who grows the taro is also …
Sushi in Hanapepe

Japanese Grandma

The whole island was excited when Japanese Grandma opened its doors in 2016. While it has to work on some details (like the lighting and service), the sushi is outstanding. The smallish eatery with open kitchen and …
Market in Hanapepe

Hanapepe Farmers Market

One of the countywide Sunshine Markets. Small-scale farmers truck in the goods themselves and locals line up before the whistle blows just to score the best produce.
Ice Cream in Hanapepe

Lappert's Hawaii

The famed ice-cream chain started operations right here along the highway in 1983 at this quaint little roadside shop and factory. The business is way too big for Hanapepe-based production now, but this humble shop …
Asian in Port Allen & Around

Kauai Ramen

A hot bowl of spicy seafood ramen with grilled gyoza (pork dumplings) and fried rice on the side might just be what your tummy needs after being rollicked by the waves on a Na Pali Coast boat tour. The bargain-price…
Diner in Waimea


'Friendly, filling and reasonably priced' sums up this local institution, where you can get a plate lunch with some chicken katsu or teriyaki beef, a burger, a mini loco moco or a special bowl of saimin. Be sure to …
Hawaiian in Hanapepe


In a small storefront, this humble lunch counter makes huge plate lunches of local faves such as loco moco and chicken katsu (deep-fried fillets), as well as BBQ chicken and ribs on Friday nights. It’s not good-for-…
Health Food in Waimea

G's Juicebar

You quest for Kauaʻi's top acai bowl might reach the finish line inside this Rastafarian stronghold. A Marley bowl comes with kale and bee pollen; the Kauai Bowl is with mango juice and shaved coconut. Fresh tropica…
Mexican in Hanapepe

Paco’s Tacos

Grab takeout or sit at picnic tables outside this Baja-style roadside shack offering all the usual suspects, including carne asada (grilled meat) tacos, shrimp burritos and enchilada platters. Mexican food never tas…