Top Choice Art in Hanapepe

Art Night

On any given Friday night, Hanapepe comes to life and gives everyone an extended peek into its art world. Galleries stay open later and the town's main drag is transformed by musicians and street vendors. Visitors a…
Top Choice Dance in Kokeʻe State Park

Eo e Emalani I Alakaʻi

A one-day outdoor dance festival at the Kokeʻe Museum in early October, commemorating Queen Emma’s 1871 journey to Alakaʻi Swamp. The festival includes a royal procession, hula dancing, live music and more.
Top Choice Cultural in Waimea

Waimea Town Celebration

Free fun includes a paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) rodeo; storytelling; canoe, SUP and surf-skiing races; local food vendors; carnival games; an arts-and-crafts fair; and lei-making and ukulele-playing contests.
Art in Kokeʻe State Park

Banana Poka Round-Up

This unique festival strips Kokeʻe of an invasive pest from South America, the banana poka vine, then weaves baskets from it. Come for live music, a rooster-crowing contest and the 'Pedal to the Meadow' bicycle race…
Food & Drink in Hanapepe

Kauaʻi Chocolate and Coffee Festival

A spin-off from a popular festival in Honolulu, this local caffeine-fest has tastings, demonstrations, live entertainment and farm tours.