Top things to do in Waikoloa Resort Area

Top Choice Food & Drink in Waikoloa Resort Area

A Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Celebrated Big Island chefs work magic with local range-fed meats and local produce in late September or early October. As of late, there's been an effort the make the event zero-waste, and themes of food sustainabi…
Beach in Waikoloa Resort Area

ʻAnaehoʻomalu Beach Park

Don't worry about that tongue twister of an official name; everyone on the island calls this beach 'A Bay.' 'A plus' is another way of putting it: this beach boasts easy access, salt-and-pepper sand and calm waters …
Sushi in Waikoloa Resort Area

Sushi Shiono

An excellent little sushi bar that prepares rolls and nigiri (oblong-shaped sushi) by request, as well as packs to go.
Historic Site in Waikoloa Resort Area

Waikoloa Petroglyph Preserve

This collection of petroglyphs carved in lava rock is so easy-access that it merits a stop, although the Puako Petroglyph Preserve further north is more spectacular and doesn't abut a shopping mall. Many petroglyphs…
Archaeological Site in Waikoloa Resort Area

Ku’ualiʻi and Kahapapa Fishponds

An entire ancient aquaculture system once formed an important backbone of Native Hawaiian foodways, and physical evidence of this system is located smack dab behind Anaehoʻomalu Beach (side note: Anaehoʻomalu means …
National Park in Waikoloa Resort Area

Ala Kahakai

A portion of Ala Kahakai – the King's Trail – winds through Waikoloa, offering a somewhat incongruous dose of ancient Hawaiian history and heritage within Waikoloa's pruned landscape and resort amenities. The trail …
Landmark in Waikoloa Resort Area

Waikoloa Anchialine Pond Preservation Area

Here's your daily dose of science in a travel guidebook: anchialine ponds are coastal ponds that have no surface connection to the ocean, but that nonetheless rise and fall with the tides. A series of such ponds can…
Market in Waikoloa Resort Area

Island Gourmet Markets

Spectacularly maintained and stocked, this is a one-stop shop for takeout food, freshly made sushi, basic and specialty groceries, magazines, gifts and more. It's a great option for healthy eats, and there's a small…
Fusion in Waikoloa Resort Area

Lava Lava Beach Club

This cheerful spot is a favorite with tourists and locals, who snack on excellent coconut shrimp with ginger-guava sauce, ginger-crusted ahi with ponzu and slow-roasted chicken. Be sure to order the fries, which com…
Hawaii Regional in Waikoloa Resort Area

Roy's Waikoloa Bar & Grill

Always ridiculously bustling and noisy, Roy's will either delight or disappoint. We suggest that you focus on the food and not the buzzy atmosphere. The main courses, such as rack of lamb in a lilikoʻi (passion frui…