Top Choice Historic Site in Volcano

Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park

Two miles southwest of Volcano, this sacred area for the local Miwok comprises a museum in a traditional wooden roundhouse, a village site, a limestone outcrop covered with petroglyphs – 363 originals and a few mode…
Cave in Volcano

Black Chasm Cavern

Less than 1 mile east of Volcano, this National Natural Landmark has the whiff of a tourist trap, but one look at the array of helictite crystals – rare clusters that grow horizontally – makes the crowd more suffera…
Farm in Volcano

Daffodil Hill

This hilltop farm, 2 miles northeast of Volcano, is blanketed with more than 300,000 daffodil blooms in the spring. The McLaughlin and Ryan families have operated the farm since 1887 and keep hyacinths, tulips, viol…