US dollars ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $120

  • Hostel bed or campground: $10–40
  • Cheap restaurant meal: $8–12
  • Anchorage–Glennallen bus: $75

Midrange: $120–250

  • Double room in a midrange motel: $150
  • Restaurant mid-afternoon special: $10–15
  • Light coffee-shop breakfast: $5–8

Top end: More than $250

  • Double room in an upscale hotel: $200-plus
  • Dinner main at a top restaurant: $25–30
  • Car rental per day: $60–85


Alaska, like the rest of the US, doesn't really have much of a bargaining culture, except perhaps in small markets or at some indigenous craft stalls.


Wells Fargo Bank and ATM.