Diner in Highway 89

Galaxy Diner

Get your butterscotch malts and three-egg omelets at this button-cute 1950s diner and ice cream parlor, next to a Harley Davidson shop.
Diner in Salt Lake City

Ruth's Diner

Once a rail-car diner, Ruth's has expanded into a sprawling institution. We love the canyon surrounds – and the eggs Benedict. Summer concerts sometimes accompany dinner.
Diner in Salt Lake City

Blue Plate Diner

A hip, retro diner that gets serious about bacon. With a soda fountain, colorful patio and postcards from around the country as decoration.
Diner in Mexican Hat

Old Bridge Grille

This year-round grill has greasy-spoon cooking and some whopping Navajo tacos (fry bread with chili and taco fixings), plus the only full liquor license for at least 50 miles.