Top things to do in Tuskegee

Historic Site in Tuskegee

Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site

This National Park Service site has been restored to its former glory as the training grounds and airfield for the first African American pilot candidates in the US military. Several of the original training planes …
Southern US in Tuskegee


Elmer's might be the best food going in the Tuskegee area; shame it's about 14 miles north of the actual town. It's worth the drive, though – Elmer's is all about Southern goodness like fried pork chops, lima beans,…
Southern US in Tuskegee


Dorothy's, located in the Kellogg Hotel, is basically a Southern, soul food buffet-style restaurant, dishing out stick-to-your-rib favorites like waffles, fried chicken, greens, baked fish, mac 'n' cheese and omelet…
Museum in Tuskegee

The Oaks

Born into slavery, Booker T Washington went on to found the Tuskegee Institute, which later developed into Tuskegee University, where he served as the first president. His three-story Queen Anne–style revival house …
Museum in Tuskegee

Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site

The historic campus of Tuskegee University is considered its own historic site of national importance. Here you'll find a small museum dedicated to George Washington Carver, the iconic agricultural pioneer and educa…
Cafe in Tuskegee

Tiger Pause

Take a break from the world with the Tuskegee intellectuals at this friendly little coffee shop, which also has a decent smoothie selection, plus booze if you're in the market for something stronger.