State Park in Tucson to Phoenix

Picacho Peak State Park

The westernmost battle of the American Civil War was fought near this distinctive peak (3374ft) in 1862. Here, a small band of Confederate Arizona Rangers killed three Union cavalrymen. After the skirmish, Confedera…
Biosphere in Tucson to Phoenix

Biosphere 2

Built to be completely sealed off from Biosphere 1 (that would be Earth), Biosphere 2 is a 3-acre campus of glass domes and pyramids containing five ecosystems: tropical ocean, mangrove wetlands, tropical rainforest…
Monument in Tucson to Phoenix

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Built around AD 1350, Casa Grande (Big House) is the country's largest Hohokam structure still standing, with 11 rooms spread across four floors and mud walls several feet thick. It's in reasonably good shape, partl…