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Trinidad History Museum

This is a lot of museum, a full city block in fact, set smack dab on Main St. There are three sights here: the adobe Baca House (1870), the French-style Bloom Mansion (1882) and the Santa Fe Trail museum.
Museum in Trinidad

Arthur Roy Mitchell Memorial Museum of Western Art

Also known as the 'Mitch,’ this pleasant gallery was built in honor of local cowboy artist, and the original, if unofficial, town historian, AR Mitchell. Set in an old, late 19th-century department store (those tile…
Monument in Trinidad

Ludlow Massacre Memorial

In 1914 striking migrant workers were living in a large tent city in Ludlow. After a series of conflicts, the Colorado National Guard were called in. An ensuing clash saw the tent city razed, resulting in the deaths…
Historic Site in Trinidad

Comanche National Grassland

Heading west from La Junta toward Trinidad, you'll find this unforgiving wilderness of hip-high grasses and wild grains, rising into small hills and diving into shallow canyons. This was prime buffalo-hunting ground…
Museum in Trinidad

Louden-Henritze Archaeology Museum

This small museum is located on the campus of Trinidad State Junior College, north of I-25. It's only one room and the exhibits could do with some more context, but it's nonetheless a quick intro to the area's geolo…