Top things to do in Tok Cutoff & Glenn Highway

Top Choice Glacier in Matanuska Glacier to Palmer

Matanuska Glacier

Some 18,000 years ago this glacier covered the entire area where the city of Palmer sits today. It must have appeared a supernatural force back then, whereas these days it’s merely a grand spectacle and open geologi…
Top Choice American in Tolsona Creek to Matanuska Glacier

Sheep Mountain Lodge

The restaurant at Sheep Mountain Lodge (Mile 113.5) is, to be succinct, fantastic. Creamy chowders, perfectly grilled burgers, creative salads and gorgeous fish and chips are all delicious, but save room for the des…
American in Tok Cutoff

Carriage House Restaurant

As is so often the case at Alaskan roadhouses, the rough-and-ready Gakona Lodge has a surprisingly good restaurant on site. Down some beer-battered cheese curds, garlic butter clams, grilled salmon and popcorn shrim…
Bar in Tok Cutoff

Trapper's Den Tavern

Located on the grounds of the Gakona Lodge, in a former US Army Corp of Engineers supply room, this is a classic Alaska road bar, where every stain in the wood and sourdough at the bar has a story to tell. It serves…
Cafe in Matanuska Glacier to Palmer

Grand View Cafe

At Mile 109.5, find this home-spun purveyor of American road-trip favorites. You can't go wrong with the Reuben sandwich with some free (if slow) wi-fi on the side. It also starts baking pizzas around 3pm every day.
Diner in Tolsona Creek to Matanuska Glacier

Eureka Lodge

A typical roadside Alaska diner where taxidermic animals stand guard over truck drivers tucking into home cooking. The lodge is at a high point on the Glenn Hwy, meaning the weather can go through four different sea…
Thai in Glennallen

Tok Thai

Bangkok-style street food is the last thing you expect to see at a dusty road junction in freezing cold or (depending on the season) sweltering hot mosquito-ridden Alaska. Thus, all hail Tok Thai’s well-worn purple …
Historic Building in Matanuska Glacier to Palmer

Alpine Historical Park

This park preserves several buildings, including the Chickaloon Bunkhouse, the spirit house of Ahtna Indian John Goodlataw (a spirit house is a blend of indigenous holy lodge and Russian Orthodox place of worship), …
American in Matanuska Glacier to Palmer

Long Rifle Lodge

Besides boasting some excellent taxidermy specimens, the Long Rifle's restaurant has a decent menu of burgers, chicken salads and fish tacos, plus excellent views of the glacier. Make sure to grab a slice of pie bef…
Supermarket in Glennallen


Has a large, well-stocked grocery selection and a deli.