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The city was a major railway hub throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, hence the 'Chattanooga Choo-Choo,' which was originally a reference to the Cincinnati Southern Railroad's passenger service from Cincinnati to Chattanooga, and later the title of a 1941 Glen Miller tune. The eminently walkable downtown is a maze of historic stone and brick buildings featuring tasty gourmet kitchens, craft breweries and distilleries. Burgeoning neighborhoods keep the vibe compelling. It's easy to love the 'Noog!

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$24 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Chattanooga Duck Boat 1-Hour Tour

The Chattanooga Ducks are an Amphibious Landing Craft ride.  These are fully restored WWII landing craft. You will board the DUKW, Yes that is officially what it was called in the army which became the DUCK we know it as, at the corner of Fifth and Market Street in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. We travel north on Broad Street past numerous Restaurants, Glass Blowers, Book Stores, and Ice Cream Parlors. When we get to the Famous Tennessee Aquarium we make a quick turn down to the Chattanooga Waterfront and the Tennessee River. The Chattanooga Waterfront is home to many festivals, so you maybe right in the middle of it all on your Duck Ride.  Then we reach Erwin Marina Downtown where we enter the Tennessee River, and what an exciting entry it is. Down the long steep ramp and SPLASH into the river. You will cruise upriver past the Southern Belle Riverboat to Pier One home to Chattanooga Cycle Boat and the River Gorge Explorer. The Explorer is the Aquarium’s Jet Boat that takes guests down into the Tennessee River Gorge affectionally known as the “Grand Canyon of the Tennessee”.  We cruise past the Two Aquariums (Fresh Water and Salt Water) go under the Chief John Ross drawbridge ( site of the onetime capture of Al Capone) and head towards Maclellan Island. On the way we pass under the famous Walnut Street Bridge built in 1891. Maclellan Island is a Bird Santuary and Wildlife preserve where you never know what you will see. (Sometimes River Otters, Fox or Ospery).  We pass under the Veterans Memorial Bridge and make our return to the ramp. Downriver we will pass Coolidge Park named for a WWII Medal Of Honor winner and also Reninessance Park. Once back on land we pass High Point Climbing, the largest indoor rock climbing facility in the South and Past the Creative Discover Museum children’s interactive museum. Then back to the Duck Port to disembark.  

$31.51 Tours & Sightseeing

Speakeasy Escape Room in Chattanooga

Arrive at our escape game location 405 River Street - Chattanooga Tennessee. You and your gang are caught running contraband into the city and In order to avoid the slammer, you are forced to help take down the most notorious mob boss in this crime riddled city. There is a new attorney general in power and he is determined to take back his city. Your crew are just the people he needs to be his inside informants. Your task is to gain access to Big Monty's hideout, find the evidence of his crimes and escape before you true identities are discovered. This Speakeasy escape room is the ultimate mental challenge  with a 40% completion rate and is a fantastic team building opportunity. Do you have what it takes to bring down the mob and become the heroes of your city?

$19.61 Cultural & Theme Tours

Chattanooga Murder and Mayhem Haunted History Tour

Meet your tour group and guide and the haunted-steampunk-themed shop at 57 E. 5th St., which is an attraction in and of itself. Then begin your walking ghost tour, which will visit several spots, including the sites of some of Chattanooga's most notorious history, as well as various haunted locations, including the two sites that have been found to be the most supernaturally active in the city. This tour will always include at least one, and often two inside visits, plus a number of outside stops, as well as a covered "Underground Chattanooga" stop. Guests are encouraged to take lots of photos, as they have often discovered an unexpected photo-bomb when they review their pictures back home! Guests have occasionally experienced other phenomena as well, but regardless of whether you have a supernatural encounter, you are sure to enjoy the entertaining stories of the city's haunted history.

$75.60 Cultural & Theme Tours

Historic Downtown Chattanooga Segway Tour

This 2-hour Segway leaves from our shop at 204 Walnut St and will cover Historic Downtown Chattanooga where you will see exciting locations that make Chattanooga unique such as the Dome Building, Tivoli Theatre also known as the "Jewel of the South" opened back in 1921, and was one of the first air-conditioned public buildings in the United States.  Along the way you will see how Downtown was revitalized with Ross’s Landing, which is a newly renovated park across from the Tennessee Aquarium featuring a river pier, marina, natural amphitheatre. How warehouse Row jump started energy into downtown and lets not forget about the famous Chattanooga Choo-Choo Historic Hotel.  Come see what makes Downtown Chattanooga one of America’s best cities!

$64.80 Tours & Sightseeing

Chattanooga's North Shore and Coolidge Park Tour by Segway

This 90-Minute Segway tour leaves from our shop at 204 Walnut St and will cover the North Shore and Coolidge Park area of Chattanooga where you will see exciting sites that make Chattanooga unique.  You will enjoy a beautiful scenic view while gliding across the Walnut Street Bridge and take notice of the interesting boutiques of the North Shore along Frazier Ave. Ride along Coolidge Park and Learn more about the community spirit of Chattanooga.  Ride through Renaissance Park and witness the restoration of the Tennessee River Wetlands and get a brief glimpse of downtown Chattanooga along Riverside Drive.  There is a lot to see in town and a lot to learn while you are here, but more importantly there is so much fun to be had!  Come see what makes Downtown Chattanooga one of America’s best cities!

$31.14 Tours & Sightseeing

The Inheritance Mystery Room Escape Experience

In The Inheritance Mystery Room your distant yet eccentric uncle has suddenly passed away. Aside from rumors, you knew very little about your Uncle Nicky, only that he was a scientist of some sort and that he was very devoted to his work. On the night of his presumed death, the evening news aired a live broadcast of a fire in a lab building downtown - a building owned by the company your uncle worked for. After the building was extinguished and later the next day, the only scorched remains found were reportedly identified by the authorities there as Nickolia Vandershaff - your uncle. But the events leading up to your uncle’s death were mysterious. The last time anyone in the family saw him was six weeks ago. But nothing seemed out of the ordinary about his absence until after his death. His death began to look very mysterious when a postcard from City, Country, dated almost 20 years ago, arrived in the mail with the following written on the backside, “Should anything ever happen to me, wait for a call from John. Don’t trust anyone else! - Uncle Nicki”. Days later, men claiming to be Federal Agents of some kind began visiting members of family and asking about your uncle’s whereabouts and dealings prior to his death. No one told them about the postcard. This morning, when the phone rang, a man on the other side said that his name was John Turner, that he was your Uncle Nicky’s attorney, and that he was summoning you to your Uncle’s Study in his house for the the reading of his will - which to your surprise, you have been specifically named in. You barely knew the guy. John was very specific about the time in which you were to arrive. What really happened to your Uncle Nicky? What was he working on? Why was the government involved. Why did he name you in his Will, and why did he specify that you read his will in the Study of his home. What did he need you to do? You’re about to find out.