Top Choice Museum in CBD & Warehouse District

National WWII Museum

This extensive, heart-wrenching museum presents an admirably nuanced and thorough analysis of the biggest war of the 20th century. And its exhibits, which are displayed in three grand pavilions, are amazing. Wall-si…
Top Choice Museum in CBD & Warehouse District

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

One of our favorite museums in the city manages to be beautiful, educational and unpretentious all at once. New Orleans entrepreneur Roger Houston Ogden has assembled one of the finest collections of Southern art an…
Aquarium in CBD & Warehouse District

Aquarium of the Americas

Part of the Audubon Institute, the immense Aquarium of the Americas is loosely regional, with exhibits that delve beneath the surface of the Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and far-off Amazon rainfo…
Museum in CBD & Warehouse District

Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World

We dare say Mardi Gras World is one of the happiest places in New Orleans by day – but at night it must turn into one of the most terrifying funhouses this side of Hell. It’s all those faces, man, the dragons, clown…
Arts Center in CBD & Warehouse District

Contemporary Arts Center

From the outside, the CAC is pretty unassuming. But once inside, the grand modernist entrance, an airy, spacious vault with soaring ceilings and conceptual metal and wooden accents, is impressive. The best reason to…
Museum in New Orleans

Louisiana State Museum

This institution operates several institutions across the state. The standouts here include the 1911 Cabildo, on the left of the cathedral, a Louisiana history museum located in the old city hall where Plessy vs Fer…
Gallery in CBD & Warehouse District

Lemieux Galleries

Gulf Coast art is the emphasis in nationally recognized Lemieux Galleries, a good place to get a handle on the breadth of the regional arts scene. Works here include Shirley Rabe Masinter’s realistic paintings of Ne…
Gallery in CBD & Warehouse District

Arthur Roger Gallery

One of the most prominent galleries, Arthur Roger represents several dozen artists from around the South, including Simon Gunning, whose landscapes are haunting records of Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands.
Gallery in CBD & Warehouse District

George Schmidt Gallery

New Orleans artist George Schmidt, a member of the New Leviathan Oriental Fox-trot Orchestra and the owner of the George Schmidt Gallery, describes himself as a ‘historical’ painter. Indeed, his canvases evoke the c…
Gallery in CBD & Warehouse District

Jean Bragg Gallery of Southern Art

This is a good source for the arts-and-crafts–style Newcomb Pottery, which originated at New Orleans’ own Newcomb College. Bragg also deals in classic landscapes by Louisiana painters, and every month she features t…