Music in Denver

Twist & Shout

The selection of used CDs at this brightly lit store is extensive, but head to the little den of used vinyl in the back for rare goodies, original pressings and surprising foreign imports. It also brings a discernin…
Music in Denver

Wax Trax Records

For more than 38 years, Wax Trax Records has been trading at this Denver location, stocking a huge quantity of CDs, DVDs, vinyl and music paraphernalia. Indie, alternative, punk, goth, folk, rock, hip-hop, jazz, reg…
Music in Boulder

Absolute Vinyl Records & Stereo

Every town needs a temple to vinyl, a place where chilled-out clerks wipe down wax on Sunday afternoons while listening to classic Memphis blues. Young men come here when hunting for Smiths records, baby boomers for…
Music in Bozeman & Gallatin Valley

Cactus Records

The region’s best music store, with the lowdown on all musical happenings.