Steak in Durango

Ore House

The best steakhouse in town, with food served in casual and rustic environs. Order a hand-cut aged steak, or try the steak, crab leg and lobster combo known as the Ore House Grubsteak, easily serving two people. The…
Steak in Mancos

Millwood Junction

A popular steak and seafood dinner joint, though the food isn't always spot on. The restaurant often doubles as a club, showcasing live music.
Steak in Montrose

Red Barn Steakhouse

Serving only selected cuts of Sterling Silver Premium Beef, aged for at least 21 days, the Red Barn is serious about its steaks – and it charges accordingly. All the steaks are hand-cut on the premises. A selection …
Steak in Estes Park

Rock Inn Mountain Tavern

After a few days in the wilds of Rocky Mountain National Park, the rare porterhouse here seems heaven-sent (even if the country band on stage can’t pass as the accompanying choir of angels). Excellent stick-to-the-r…
Steak in Denver to Summit County


Built in 1862, this still dark, still dusty saloon has tons of life and character, and is known for its grill your own steaks. That's right. You order and receive rare meat and grill it on a communal grill with the …