Chinese in South Loop & Near South Side

Sweet Station

Join the young, hip Asian crowd chowing at Sweet Station in Chinatown Sq. Slide into a booth, flip on the table's flat-screen TV, then settle in to examine the massive menu. It sprawls through a global medley includ…
Chinese in Near West Side & Pilsen

Duck Duck Goat

Star local chef Stephanie Izard recently opened her third West Loop hot spot, this one focusing on Chinese-inspired dishes. The vast menu sprawls across dim sums, soups, fried rice and main dishes. The thick, doughy…
Chinese in South Loop & Near South Side


Though better sit-down dinner experiences in Chinatown are abundant, the draw here is the excellent dim sum. Small plates of char siu bao (barbecued pork buns), shrimp-filled rice noodles, egg custards and other pop…
Chinese in South Loop & Near South Side

Lao Sze Chuan

Lao Sze Chuan is one of the most authentic options in Chinatown Sq. House specialties include the three-chili chicken, which is tender and very spicy, and mapo tofu, cooked in a fiery chili and fermented-bean sauce.…
Noodles in Cleveland


Hep-cat noodles fill bowls at this Japanese-American mash-up. Slurp mushroom udon, spicy octopus udon, beef short rib ramen and fried chicken ramen dishes. Lots of sake and craft beer help wash it down.