Car Rental in Utqiaġvik (Barrow)

UIC Car Rental

Located a quick walk from the airport, this is the main car-rental agency in town. Reserve well ahead, and be ready for sticker shock – car rentals here are expensive. Hours vary, but the office is always open to ac…
Airport in Utqiaġvik (Barrow)

Wiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial Airport

Utqiaġvik's airport is at the southern edge of town. Locals tend to show up for flights about 15 minutes before they leave, but you may want to arrive a little earlier.
Car Rental in Nome

Stampede Rent-A-Car

Car-rental service based out of the Aurora Inn. There are no set opening hours, but they will arrange cars to be available when you land.
Airline in Nome

Bering Air

Offers flights to numerous small settlements and Native villages across the length and breadth of the Bush.
Airport in Deadhorse

Deadhorse Airport

This is the sort of airport where a plane has literally run over a caribou. True story.
Taxi in Nome

Mr Kab

The local Nome cab service. Vans can almost always be found at the Nome Airport.
Airline in The Bush

Coyote Air Service

Specializes in charter-flight services in Arctic Alaska and the Bush.
Airline in Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve

Wright Air Service

Operates flights across Arctic Alaska and the Bush.
Taxi in Utqiaġvik (Barrow)

Arctic Cab

Will get you anywhere in Utqiaġvik proper for $6.
Airport in Nome

Nome Airport