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Top Choice Park in Arctic Alaska

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a 30,625-sq-mile wilderness in Alaska’s northeast corner, straddling the eastern Brooks Range from the treeless Arctic Coast to the taiga of the Porcupine River Valley. For yea…
National Park in Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve

Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve

Standing in the middle of this park's eight million acres of uninhabited mountains and tundra, you could be forgiven for assuming a woolly mammoth was about to cross your path. The landscape is simply that raw.
Landmark in Dalton Highway

Atigun Pass

At 4739ft, the Atigun Pass is the only road pass through the Brooks Range. We'd call it 'dramatic,' but that's sort of like calling the Sahara sandy; the sheer rock walls of the pass rise from spindly taiga (boreal …
Landmark in Utqiaġvik (Barrow)

End of the Road

The northernmost extremity of the US (though not, as locals sometimes claim, North America) is Point Barrow, but it's tough to get to this narrow strip of land. Tours drive almost all the way, but the last two to th…
Cultural Center in Utqiaġvik (Barrow)

Iñupiat Heritage Center

This 24,000-sq-ft facility houses a museum, gift shop and a large multipurpose room where short traditional dancing-and-drumming performances take place each afternoon. Local craftspeople work in a studio in the bac…
National Park in Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve

Kobuk Valley National Park

This park has a desolate, severe beauty, and is best known for its Arctic sand dunes – like a Saharan desert in the midst of the tundra – and migrating caribou.
National Park in Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve

Noatak National Preserve

This enormous tundra river basin is home to some of the most pristine, intact Arctic ecosystems in the USA.
Beach in Nome

Golden Sands Beach

Sand zero, so to speak, of Nome’s famed gold rush, this beach is still open to recreational mining and all summer long you can watch miners set up work camps along the shore. Some will pan or open a sluice box right…
Museum in Nome

Carrie McLain Museum

Once effectively an attic of Nome 'stuff,' the Carrie McLain Museum has evolved over the years into a professionally presented museum that profiles the history of Nome and Western Alaska. Many of the institution's m…
Visitor Center in Coldfoot

Arctic Interagency Visitor Center

This impressive $5-million structure was opened in 2004 and features museum-quality displays about the Arctic and its denizens. There's a small series of paths on the outskirts that lead to a decidedly unnatural won…