• For 24-hour postal information, including post-office locations and hours, contact the US Postal Service (www.usps.com), which is reliable and inexpensive.
  • For sending urgent or important letters and packages either domestically or overseas, Federal Express (www.fedex.com) and United Parcel Service (www.ups.com) offer more expensive door-to-door delivery services.

Postal Rates

At the time of writing, the postal rates for 1st-class mail within the USA were 49¢ for letters weighing up to 1oz (22¢ for each additional ounce) and 34¢ for postcards.

Sending & Receiving Mail

If you have the correct postage, you can drop mail weighing less than 13oz into any blue mailbox. To send a package weighing 13oz or more, go to a post-office desk for assistance.