Top things to do in Sundance Resort

Top Choice American in Sundance Resort

Tree Room

Sundance's top-flight restaurant, Tree Room, is a study in rustic-mountain chic – with a big tree trunk in the middle of the room. Here the modern American menu items are as artfully presented as the chichi clientel…
Top Choice American in Sundance Resort

Foundry Grill

Sundance's Foundry Grill offers pizzas with artisan greens, Utah steelhead trout and rib-eye steaks. It strikes a good balance between home-cooked favorites spruced up (truffled mac and cheese), classic Western fare…
Bar in Sundance Resort

Owl Bar

Built of cast-off barn wood, the centerpiece of the Owl Bar is a century-old bar where the real Butch Cassidy once drank. The place looks like a Wild West roadhouse, but it's full of art freaks, mountain hipsters an…
Arts & Crafts in Sundance Resort

General Store

Sells stylish high-end artisan handicrafts, home furnishings and jewelry (catalog available).
Deli in Sundance Resort


For something light, pick up a turkey and cranberry-relish panini to go at the Deli and then enjoy it on the grounds.