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Waterfall in Steamboat & Around

Toketee Falls

Twenty-one miles east of Steamboat is the stunning, two-tiered Toketee Falls, flowing over columnar basalt. To reach it, turn off on USFS Rd 34; the hike there is just 0.4 miles.
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Steamboat Inn

This restaurant, part of the Steamboat Inn, offers casual, home-cooked lunches and early dinners as well as special set menus prepared by guest chefs; check the online calendar to see who's cooking. Dinner is by res…
Waterfall in Steamboat & Around

Steamboat Falls

Turn up USFS Rd 38 at Steamboat to reach Steamboat Falls, where sea-run salmon and steelhead struggle to the top of the fast-moving falls from May to October. The best views are from the Steamboat Falls Campground, …
Waterfall in Steamboat & Around

Watson Falls

Two miles past Toketee Junction on Hwy 138 is Watson Falls, which at 272ft is one of the highest waterfalls in Oregon. The 0.4-mile path begins at the picnic area on USFS Rd 37, but you can also see it from the park…