Old Northeast

The Old Northeast, or Coffee Pot Bayou, begins around 9th Ave NE and goes to 30th Ave NE; it extends inland from the bay to about 4th St.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Supported by canary-yellow cables, the impressive, 4-mile Sunshine Skyway Bridge ($1.25 toll) spans Tampa Bay south of St Petersburg. It's worth the toll just to experience this dramatic arc over the bay. This bridge is actually a replacement for the original span, which was destroyed in 1980 when a boat, Summit Venture, rammed into its base. Bits of the old bridge now bookend the modern one and form what is proudly hailed as the 'world's largest fishing pier.'

At about 2 miles, the South Skyway Fishing Pier is the longest stretch. Both north and south piers offer dramatic bay-and-bridge views, especially at sunset, and there are bait shops with rentals for the anglers crowding the railings. To enter the piers, sightseeing costs $4 per car; fishing costs $4 per car plus $4 per person. Just want a quick peek? Free public parks are situated at each pier's base.