St Francisville restaurants

Cafe in St Francisville

Magnolia Café

The Magnolia Café was once a health-food store and VW-bus repair shop. Today it's the nucleus of what's happening in St Francisville – it's where people go to eat, socialize and, on Friday night, dance to live music…
Cafe in St Francisville

Birdman Coffee & Books

Birdman is the spot for strong coffee, acoustic live music several times a month, a delicious local breakfast (old-fashioned yellow grits, sweet-potato pancakes, salty bacon) and local art.
Lebanese in St Francisville

Al Aqaba

Lebanese food – particularly good Lebanese food – wasn't what we were expecting out in rural Louisiana, but when that smell of kofta kabobs, falafel and chicken shawarma hit our noses, we weren't complaining. Finish…
Southern US in St Francisville

The Francis Southern Table & Bar

The Francis has quickly become a local center of gravity in St Francisville. Louisiana classics – crawfish and andouille pasta, country-fried rib-eye in white gravy, and grilled redfish – are served on a big patio, …