Top things to do

Sandwiches in Squam Lake

Squam Lake Marketplace

This gourmet grocery store and bakery serves excellent breakfast and lunch sandwiches, local homemade fudge, and other goodies. You'll also find wines, sake, marinated meats and veggies (ready for grilling), pasta s…
American in Squam Lake

Walter's Basin

Lake trippers are encouraged to dock their boats and come in for a meal at this casual waterfront spot. Located on Little Squam Lake near the bridge, the friendly restaurant features stuffed haddock, elk meatloaf, b…
Science Center in Squam Lake

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

To get up close and personal with the wildlife in the Lakes Region, visit the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Four nature paths weave through the woods and around the marsh. The highlight is the Gephart Trail, l…