Top things to do in Spokane

Top Choice Southern US in Spokane

Casper Fry

Opened in 2012, this pub-style brick eatery with rustic polished wood tables serves state-famous, upscale Southern comfort food worth the drive to Spokane. Homegrown and culinary artistry are the philosophies behind…
Sports in Spokane

Bloomsday Run

It is said that Spokane breeds two sorts of citizens: those who run Bloomsday and those who watch. Born out of the 1970s running craze, the annual 12km May dash, the Bloomsday Run, regularly garners 40,000 to 50,000…
Pizza in Spokane

Flying Goat

This place is always packed with happy diners noshing on the city's best pizzas and knocking back craft beers. Thin-crust artisanal pies come in creative combos like green-curry chicken (the 'D Street,' recommended)…
Northwestern US in Spokane

Wild Sage American Bistro

The intimate yet simple decor and fresh local ingredients, creatively and elegantly prepared, get Wild Sage consistently rated as one of Spokane's top dining spots. The cioppino, goat's-cheese-stuffed chicken and co…
Fusion in Spokane


Located in an antique brick building, the simply furnished Mizuna is well known for its specialties, such as quinoa meatloaf and pan-roasted organic chicken, as well as an extensive vegetarian menu. Wash dinner down…
Coffee in Spokane

Atticus Coffee

A place of literature, arty gifts, brick walls and high ceilings, this bookish, bright and convivial cafe serves up an amazing selection of loose teas and equally good coffee.
Sports in Spokane


An enormous outdoor basketball tournament held at Riverfront Park and in the downtown streets in late June.
Park in Spokane

Riverfront Park

The site of the 1974 World's Fair and Exposition, this park has numerous highlights, including a 17-point Sculpture Walk and the scenic Spokane Falls. A short gondola ride, the Spokane Falls SkyRide takes you direct…
Park in Spokane

Riverside State Park

Track the Centennial Trail 3 miles to the west and you'll end up here in 10,000 acres of protected forest and trails where you can run, walk or cycle to your heart's content. Among the park's natural highlights is t…
Museum in Spokane

Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

In a striking state-of-the-art building in the historic Browne's Addition neighborhood, this museum has – arguably – one of the finest collections of indigenous artifacts in the Northwest. Leading off a plush glass …