Market in Capitol Reef National Park

Mesa Farm Market

Stop in Caineville at Mesa Market for straight-from-the-garden organic salads, juices, goat cheese, and freshly baked artisan bread from an outdoor stone-hearth oven.
Market in Escalante

Griffin Grocery

The only grocery in town.
Market in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon General Store & Snack Bar

In addition to foodstuff and sundries, the general store near Sunrise Point sells hot dogs, cold drinks, packaged sandwiches, chili, soup and pizza.
Market in Tropic

Clarke's Grocery

Tropic's only grocery store has a deli sandwich counter and homemade baked goods.
Market in Torrey

Austin's Chuckwagon General Store

Sells camping supplies, groceries, beer and deli sandwiches to go. There's an ATM, showers and laundromat too.
Market in Boulder

Hills & Hollows Country Store

Groceries and organic snacks available year-round, though hours may be limited November through February.
Market in Kanab

Honey's Marketplace

Full grocery store.
Market in Springdale

Sol Foods Downtown Supermarket

Springdale's grocery store has a decent selection, with plenty of variety, organic items and camping-friendly meals. There's also a salad bar and deli with $6 sandwiches. Groceries are pricey, however.
Market in Springdale

Switchback Trading Co

The only liquor store in town is part of the Best Western complex.
Market in Springdale

Farmers' Market

Don't miss the farmers' market in the Bit & Spur parking lot on Saturday mornings.