Top Choice Burgers in South Nashville

Gabby's Burgers

In a joint that's just a cow's tail bigger than a shack, the hard-working Gabby's crew cranks out grass-fed-beef burgers that many say are Nashville's best. We're inclined to agree. Order at the counter then load up…
Burgers in Uptown & Riverbend


Cowbell has a scruffy charm – scuffed wooden floors, Elvis on the ceiling – that makes you want to stay awhile. Its riverside perch by the levee is appealing too, but it's the juicy grass-fed beef burgers that seal…
Burgers in South Nashville

ML Rose Craft Beer & Burgers

Sometimes you just need an unpretentious place to hang with friends and cheer on your team over a burger and a cold beer. Welcome to ML Rose, where the knowledgeable waitstaff help diners pair burgers with the exten…
Burgers in Atlanta


An NC-17 joint cluttered with Americana memorabilia, where alterna-hipsters mingle alongside Texas tourists and Morehouse College steppers at the Godfather of Atlanta burger joints, which veer from impressive to out…
Burgers in Midtown

Burger Up

The smell of truffle-oil-fried, hand-cut french fries fills the air of this rustic, wood-adorned restaurant. Local farms provide the building blocks of unique burgers such as the Ramsey, which comes in a jalapeno bu…
Burgers in French Quarter

Port of Call

The Port of Call burger is legendary. The meat is unadulterated and, well, meaty, like umami condensed into a patty. Then there’s the baked potato on the side, buckling under the weight of sour cream, butter and bac…
Burgers in Dahlonega

Spirits Tavern

Dahlonega's only full bar dishes up surprisingly creative burgers, in Angus beef or free range, hormone-free turkey versions, including crunchy mac 'n' cheese, Greek, Asian and Cajun versions.
Burgers in Uptown & Riverbend

Company Burger