Pub in Ketchikan

Hole in the Wall Bar & Marina

A funky little hangout that feels light years away from the tourist madness of Ketchikan in summer. There’s not much inside other than a handful of stools, a woodstove, a pool table and a lot of friendly conversatio…
Bar in Ketchikan

Arctic Bar

Just past the tunnel on downtown’s northwest side, this local favorite has managed to survive 70 years by poking fun at itself and tourists. On the back deck overlooking the Tongass Narrows is a pair of fornicating …
Bar in Hyder

Glacier Inn

The most famous thing to do in Hyder is have a (very) stiff drink at one of its ‘friendly saloons.’ The historic Glacier Inn, where you're encouraged to 'get hyderized' (down a shot of 95% alcohol by volume Everclea…
Cafe in Wrangell

Stik Cafe

A welcome sight inside the Stikine Inn, the Stik serves the best coffee in the Southern Panhandle along with decent breakfasts and fresh bready snacks. You can enjoy it all in the hotel bar overlooking the water, al…
Coffee in Ketchikan

Green Coffee Bean Company

Set in an unlikely location in out-of-town Ward Cove, hidden behind a gas station, this cafe offers the Ketchikan area’s best coffee, supplemented by some creative cookies. Bag them up and take a couple out on one o…
Bar in Ketchikan

49'er Bar

A Jurassic bar preserving over 100 years of cigarette smoke in a wood-paneled, Wild West–flavored building just north of the main cruise-ship terminal. Beer, darts and hot dogs satisfy old-fashioned appetites.
Bar in Petersburg

Kito’s Kave

Legendary dive that's been around for eons. Jon Krakauer mentions it in his book Eiger Dreams; apparently he was asked to leave for playing morbid music on the jukebox. You have been warned.
Bar in Petersburg

Harbor Bar

A classic domain of deckhands and cannery workers, with pool tables, free popcorn and a diverse beer selection.
Coffee in Petersburg

Java Hus

This is where half of Petersburg gets buzzed first thing in the morning.
Lounge in Ketchikan

First City Saloon

'Established 1893' reads the sign, though the interior with its disco ball and stripper’s pole is more 1970s. This piece of Ketchikan history has live music at least twice a week during the summer, and a dyed-in-the…