Southern Oregon attractions

National Park in Southern Oregon

Crater Lake National Park

It's no exaggeration: Crater Lake is so blue, you'll catch your breath. And if you get to see it on a calm day, those deep waters reflect the surrounding cliffs like a mirror. It's a stunningly beautiful sight. Crat…
Cave in Oregon Caves National Monument

Oregon Caves

The cave – there's only one – contains about 3 miles of passages, explored via 90-minute walking tours that expose visitors to dripping chambers and 520 rocky steps. The trail, which requires ducking at times, follo…
Park in Ashland

Lithia Park

Adjacent to Ashland's three splendid theaters lies what is arguably the loveliest city park in Oregon, the 93 acres of which wind along Ashland Creek above the center of town. Unusually, the park is in the National …
Waterfall in Steamboat & Around

Toketee Falls

Twenty-one miles east of Steamboat is the stunning, two-tiered Toketee Falls, flowing over columnar basalt. To reach it turn off on USFS Rd 34; the hike there is just 0.4 miles.
Park in Medford

TouVelle State Park

About 6 miles north of Medford on the Rogue River, this state park is popular for swimming and picnicking. About a mile beyond is Table Rocks, impressive 800ft mesas that speak of the area's volcanic past and are ho…
Museum in Roseburg

Douglas County Museum

Don't miss this excellent museum, which displays the Umpqua River Valley's cultural and natural histories in buildings designed to reflect the region's architectural traditions. Especially interesting are the railro…
Museum in Oregon Caves National Monument

Kerbyville Museum

A surprisingly good museum for the tiny town of Kerby, 2 miles north of Cave Junction, with fascinating old relics from Native American baskets to taxidermy and an old View-Master stereoscope (the idea for which sta…
Cemetery in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Cemetery

This well-maintained, 32-acre cemetery is worth a wander to explore historical pioneer grave sites chronicling wars, epidemics and other untimely deaths. For two days in October, the 'Meet the Pioneers' program has …
Market in Medford

Harry & David's Country Village

Medford's most famous tourist attraction is this outlet store of the giant mail-order fruit company. There are wine tastings and samples, and the over-the-top arrangements of the various products make this as much a…
Museum in Crater Lake National Park

Oregon Vortex

A cheesy but fun roadside attraction, the Vortex and accompanying House of Mystery lure visitors with displays of unexplained phenomena: people shrink as they walk toward you, a broom stands on end, water runs uphil…