Southern Illinois attractions

Historic Site in Southern Illinois

Fort Kaskaskia

A few miles south of Ellis Grove, Fort Kaskaskia sits on a bluff beside the river. The French built it around 1759 to defend against British attacks. All that remains today are lonely earthworks around the perimeter…
Historic Site in Southern Illinois

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

A surprise awaits near Collinsville, 8 miles east of East St Louis: classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site with the likes of Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids is Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. Cahokia pr…
Wildlife Reserve in Southern Illinois

Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge

You certainly don't expect to find a Southern-style swampland, complete with moss-draped cypress trees and croaking bullfrogs in Illinois. But it's here, at Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge. Check it out from …
Historic Site in Southern Illinois

Lewis & Clark State Historic Site

In Hartford (across the river from St Louis), the stellar Lewis & Clark State Historic Site marks the spot where the explorers departed on their journey. The 55ft boat replica (in the visitor center), reconstruc…
Forest in Southern Illinois

Shawnee National Forest

An exception to Illinois' flat farmland is the green southernmost section, punctuated by rolling Shawnee National Forest and its rocky outcroppings. The area has numerous state parks and recreation areas good for hi…
Tower in Southern Illinois

Lewis & Clark Confluence Tower

The 150ft tower provides sweeping views of the area where the explorers launched their epic voyage.