Southeastern Washington attractions

Historic Site in Walla Walla

Historic Downtown

You don't need to be sloshed on wine to appreciate Walla Walla's historical and cultural heritage. Its Main Street has won countless historical awards, and to bring the settlement to life the local chamber of commer…
University in Pullman & The Palouse Region

Washington State University

Situated 7 miles west of the Idaho state line, most of Pullman's sights are related directly to expansive WSU, which accommodates more than 22,000 students and one of Washington's leading agricultural schools. In th…
Historic Site in Walla Walla

Fort Walla Walla Park

This fine historic site showcases the original buildings from a US Army installation that existed here from its inception in 1858 until 1910 – everything from the officer's quarters to the quartermaster's stable. Th…
Historic Site in Walla Walla

Whitman Mission

An erstwhile stop on the Oregon Trail and infamous site of the 1847 Whitman 'massacre,' when white missionary Marcus Whitman and a dozen others were murdered by Cayuse Indians, this potent historic site 7 miles west…
Museum in Walla Walla

Fort Walla Walla Museum

This is a pioneer village of 17 historic buildings, with the museum housed in the old cavalry stables. There are collections of farm implements, ranching tools and what could be the world's largest plastic replica o…
Museum in Pullman & The Palouse Region

Jacklin Collection

Showcases more than 2000 specimens of petrified wood.
Museum in Pullman & The Palouse Region

Museum of Art

Features well-curated shows of Northwestern art.
Museum in Pullman & The Palouse Region

Museum of Anthropology

Documents fossils relating to human evolution.
Museum in Tri-Cities

East Benton County Historical Museum

This museum tracks local history and has some exhibits on 'Kennewick Man,' the 9300-year-old skeleton of a Caucasian male found on the banks of the Columbia in 1996 that blew the anthropological history of North Ame…
Museum in Tri-Cities

Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science & Technology

CREHST documents Columbia River history, the journey of Lewis and Clark and, inevitably, the Hanford project.