Top things to do

Park in Southeastern Utah

Goblin Valley State Park

A Salvador Dali-esque melted-rock fantasy, a valley of giant stone mushrooms, an otherworldly alien landscape or the results of a cosmological acid trip? No matter what you think the stadium-like valley of stunted h…
Museum in Blanding

Dinosaur Museum

Despite being born of owners Steven and Sylvia Czerkas’ personal collection, the Dinosaur Museum is quite ambitious; the goal is to cover the complete history of the world’s dinosaurs. Mummified remains and fossil r…
Top Choice Southern US in Moab

Desert Bistro

Stylized preparations of game and fresh, flown-in seafood are the specialty at this welcoming white-tablecloth restaurant inside an old house. Think smoked elk in a huckleberry glaze, pepper-seared scallops and jica…
Top Choice Burgers in Moab


Meet greasy goodness. A triathlete couple bought this classic 1954 burger stand and smartly changed nothing. Heaven is one of their honest burgers, jammed with pickles, fresh lettuce, a side of fresh-cut fries and c…
Top Choice Cafe in Bluff

Comb Ridge Coffee

An adobe gallery and cafe with standout single-pour coffee, blue-corn pancakes and breakfast sandwiches loaded with peppers and eggs. Plans are in the works to add pizzas in the evenings. Service may be slow.
Landmark in Bluff

Valley of the Gods

Up and over, through and around: the 17-mile unpaved road (County Rd 242) that leads through Valley of the Gods is like a do-it-yourself roller coaster amid some mind-blowing scenery. In other states, this incredibl…
Park in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area & Lake Powell

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge is the largest natural bridge in the world, at 290ft high and 275ft wide. A sacred Navajo site, it resembles the graceful arc of a rainbow. Most visitors arrive by boat (, with a 2-…
House in Moab

Hole 'n the Rock

An unabashed tourist trap 12 miles south of Moab, Hole ’n the Rock is a 5000-sq-ft home-cum-cave carved into sandstone and decorated in knockout 1950s kitsch.
Park in Southeastern Utah

Canyon Rims Recreation Area

The BLM Canyon Rims Recreation Area to the east of Canyonlands National Park has two interesting overlooks, undeveloped hiking and backcountry driving. Turn west off Hwy 191 (32 miles south of Moab, 27 miles north o…
Park in Canyonlands National Park


A 30-sq-mile jumble of high-walled canyons, the Maze is a rare preserve of true wilderness for hardy backcountry veterans. The colorful canyons are rugged, deep and sometimes completely inaccessible. Many of them lo…