Southeastern Oregon attractions

Wildlife Reserve in Southeastern Oregon

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

From the tiny town of Plush, Hart Mountain Rd crosses the Warner Lakes Basin, climbs into the spectacular, near-vertical Hart Mountain fault block (peak elevation over 8000ft) and emerges onto the prairie-like expan…
Farm in Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Pete French Round Barn

Built in the 1880s to help train draft animals, this historic round barn is worth a look – but the real story is the man who had it built. Pete French, eastern Oregon's 'Cattle King,' arrived here in 1872 and immedi…
Museum in Ontario

Four Rivers Cultural Center

Depending on your perspective, this museum is either a testament to the indomitable human spirit or a heartbreaking cascade of man's inhumanity to man. A short film introduces the exhibits, which trace the intertwin…
Hot Springs in Alvord Desert

Alvord Hot Springs

About 23 miles north of Fields is rustic and remote Alvord Hot Springs, which dates from the 1940s and was traditionally free until 2013; the $5 fee has upset some locals, but it's allowed for a full-time caretaker,…
Spring in Burns

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

This rustic resort, 25 miles southeast of Burns and 3 miles northwest of Crane, is a little oasis and worth a stop. The springs flow into a large pond and are also piped into tubs in small private bathhouses ($7.50 …
Museum in Lakeview

Lake County Museum

Heavy on local family history, this museum preserves artifacts and historical records from the early days of Lakeview and the surrounding area. Call ahead for admission during the low season.
Museum in Burns

Harney County Historical Museum

Lots of historical relics – from photos to coins to guns to a document sentencing a hanging – are on exhibit at this museum; if you're a couple, the price of admission covers you both. If you're here during the low …