South Shore attractions

Island in South Shore

Fire Island National Seashore

Federally protected, this island offers sand dunes, forests, clean beaches, camping (dune-camping permits $20), hiking trails, inns, restaurants, 15 hamlets and two villages. The scenery ranges from car-free areas o…
Forest in South Shore

Sunken Forest

This 300-year-old forest, a surprisingly dense stretch of trees behind the dunes, is easily accessible via a 1.5-mile boardwalk trail looping through it. It's pleasantly shady in summer, and vividly colored when the…
State Park in South Shore

Robert Moses State Park

Robert Moses State Park, one small part of Fire Island accessible by car, lies at the westernmost end and features wide, soft-sand beaches with mellower crowds than those at Jones Beach. It’s also adjacent to the Fi…
State Park in South Shore

Jones Beach State Park

Jones Beach is 6.5 miles of clean sand covered with bodies. Its character differs depending on which ‘field’ you choose – for example, 2 is for the surfers and 6 is for families, and there’s a gay beach way east – b…
Lighthouse in South Shore

Fire Island Lighthouse

Built in 1858, the lighthouse stands near the west end of Fire Island. It's part of the designated national seashore, but accessible by car from Robert Moses State Park.