Top things to do

Top Choice Historic Site in Deadwood

Mount Moriah Cemetery

Calamity Jane (born Martha Canary; 1850–1903) and Wild Bill Hickok (1847–76) rest side by side up on Boot Hill at the very steep cemetery. Entertaining bus tours leave hourly from Main St.
Top Choice Landmark in Wall

Wall Drug

Hyped for hundreds of miles, Wall Drug is a surprisingly enjoyable stop. It really does have 5¢ coffee, free ice water, good donuts and enough diversions and come-ons to warm the heart of schlock-lovers everywhere.…
Top Choice Statue in Rapid City

Statues of Presidents

From a shifty-eyed Nixon in repose to a triumphant Harry Truman, lifelike statues dot corners throughout the center. Collect all 42. Maps available online.
Top Choice Pub in Rapid City

Independent Ale House

Enjoy a fabulous (and changing) line-up of the best microbrews from the region in this vintage-style bar. The wine list is equally good. Pizzas are excellent: the pesto offering will have you humming with pleasure …
Top Choice Modern American in Sioux Falls

MB Haskett Delicatessen

Michael Haskett's retro cafe serves brilliant food throughout the day, from breakfast through dinner. The ever-changing menu draws inspiration from the seasons and from around the globe.
Top Choice National Park in Badlands National Park

Hwy 240 Badlands Loop Rd

The park's north unit gets the most visitors; this stunning road is easily reached from I-90 (exits 110 and 131) and you can drive it in an hour if you're in a hurry (and not stuck behind an RV). Lookouts and vistas…
Top Choice Historic Site in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Wounded Knee Massacre Site

The massacre site, 16 miles northeast of Pine Ridge town, is marked by a faded sign. It helps to read up on the events before you arrive. The mass grave, often frequented by people looking for donations, sits atop t…
Monument in Hill City

Crazy Horse Memorial

The world's largest monument is this 563ft-tall work-in-progress (with a lot of work to go). When finished it will depict the Sioux leader astride his horse, pointing to the horizon saying, 'My lands are where my de…
State Park in Black Hills

Custer State Park

The only reason 111-sq-mile Custer State Park isn't a national park is that the state grabbed it first. It boasts one of the largest free-roaming bison herds in the world (about 1500), the famous 'begging burros' (d…
Mine in Lead

Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center

Gape at the 1250ft-deep Homestake Gold Mine to see what open-pit mining can do to a mountain. Nearby are the same mine's shafts, which plunge more than 1.5 miles below the surface and are now being used for physics …